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Tony Males

Before I became a Christian I had some respect for God but I didn't know it was possible to have a personal relationship with him - I had no guidance on spiritual matters from my parents or school. I came to Cambridge to study Medicine and participate in sports and other social activities. It was through the College hockey team that I made friends with James, a Christian,

who shared his faith with me.

I came to realise that my lifestyle and motivations were wrong, even though my behaviour was much the same as most other medical students in Cambridge! In my second year James invited me to an evening event organised by Christians in Sport. It involved a meal and a speaker, a man who used to play hockey for University. He talked about how the world encourages us to follow the crowd and that the "highway" most of us travel on leads to death but the "narrow road" that Jesus invites us to follow leads to life (Matthew 7:13-14).

That evening I prayed with James and decided to leave the highway, turning away from a life of immorality and selfish ambition, and start a journey with Jesus on the narrow road. That was in February1983 and I am pleased to say that I haven't looked back. I have developed a personal relationship with God who has changed me in several ways:

Pardon - I have been forgiven for the things I did wrong thanks to Jesus's death on the cross, a punishment I deserved.

Peace - I no longer struggle with my conscience, or worry about what others think of me.

Purpose - life has a new meaning, I now work for God and serve him through my family life, church and medical career.

Power - the Holy Spirit living in me enables me to overcome difficult times and tune in to the thoughts and wishes of God.