Arbury is a large residential area in the north of Cambridge. There is a mixture of privately-owned and rented homes and a variety of people from different backgrounds and with different experiences of life. There are old and young, rich and poor, well educated and less educated, employed and unemployed, singles and families, healthy and sick. There are also a number of people from other ethnic backgrounds. Over 25,000 people live in this area.

There are a number of new developments in North Cambridge but despite the high population, the area has plenty of green space and trees.

There are also people from many nationalities living in the area and this is why our church has become quite international.

We believe that the Christian message is relevant to everybody in this area and that it is our task as a church to present it in the most appropriate manner.
Arbury has its share of the problems common to modern urban development everywhere in the world. There is loneliness, crime, addiction, family breakdown, mental illness, poverty and often a general lack of direction and purpose in life.

Jesus promised to be the light of the world, and with his strength, we aim to bring that light to the people of Arbury.